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@Experimental(value="Micrometer metrics is a new addition to Geode and the API may change")

Package org.apache.geode.metrics

Geode uses Micrometer for its metrics.

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Package org.apache.geode.metrics Description

Geode uses Micrometer for its metrics. Each Geode cache maintains a registry of all meters that instrument Geode code. Users can add sub-registries for various purposes. A key purpose for a sub-registry is to publish a cache's metrics to an external monitoring system.

The MetricsSession provides the ability to add and remove a meter registry for publishing cache metrics to external monitoring systems.

The MetricsPublishingService defines a service that users can implement to be notified when a metrics session starts or stops. When a session starts, the service can add a meter registry to the cache's composite registry. When the session stops, the service can clean up any resources and remove its meter registry from the cache's composite registry.

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